Have Two Years of COVID Permanently Changed the Alcohol Industry?


SipSource analysts Danny Brager and Dale Stratton, are joined by Danelle Kosmal, Vice President of Research for Beer Institute, to analyze pandemic beer, wine and spirits trends. They discuss: What consumer behavior and market transformations from the COVID era are here to stay? And what could change should COVID cases continue to fall. The panelists share data and report out on marketplace shifts that are a result of a global two year disruption. They also discuss the long-term impacts on the alcohol industry to forecasting what 2022 and beyond could shape up to become. Recorded on March 30, 2022.


Danelle Kosmal

Danelle Kosmal

Vice President, Research 

Beer Institute


Dale Stratton


WSWA's SipSource


Danny Brager


WSWA's SipSource



  • The relative trends for Beer, Wine, and Spirits will remain as they are for calendar year 2022.

  • The on-premise channel remains challenging and it is unlikely to return to pre-pandemic levels this year.

  • It is more important than ever to understand and react to changing consumer, market, and category dynamics.  

  • Data remains messy but should normalize in calendar year 2022.

  • The on-premise is recovering, with its share in 2021 up to 13.1% from 8.9% in 2020.

  • In 2021, brewers shipped an estimated 208 million barrels, the highest volume in the past decade.

  • While inflation has been up, beer prices have consistently under-indexed inflation of all items. In February 2022, CPI was up 7.9% over a year ago, while beer was only up 3.7%.