Wholesalers Provide Americans With Unmatched Choice
You know the moment when you find your favorite wine at your local restaurant, or discover a new spirit that would make the perfect gift? These moments aren’t by chance.
Wine and spirits distributors are the vital link bringing an ever-expanding variety of brands from around the world to the places consumers buy them. As local, family-owned businesses, distributors are essential members of the economy.
Wholesalers Give Back
Across the country, distributor owners, managers and employees are helping children and seniors, feeding the hungry, clothing the homeless, serving our veterans, caring for the ill, supporting families and more. They give time, money, effort and energy to hundreds of community-based programs, organizations and projects.
Wholesalers by the Numbers
Wholesaler locations nationwide
American jobs created by wholesalers
$7.5 billion
Wages generated by wholesalers
$80 billion
Tax revenue generated by wholesalers
The Legacy of Wholesalers