So, You Want to Go Viral? Digital Marketing for Success

Going viral is the goal of every consumer brand, but for the wine and spirits industry, this achievement can be hard to attain in a positive light. Hear from producers, distributors and other industry experts in this program on today’s best ways to digitally market for maximum impact without breaking the law. Go viral and not “wrong.” Recorded on Thursday, August 26.


Sara Harmelin

Sara Harmelin

WSWA Access Wholesaler Advisor

Vice President, Digital Innovation 

Allied Beverage Group

Kate Latts

Kate Latts

Chief Marketing Officer

Heaven Hill Brands

Lily Pantaleon

Lily Pantaleon

E-Retail Manager

Moët Hennessy

Ken Rosenberg

Ken Rosenberg

WSWA Access Wholesaler Advisor

Senior Vice President



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  • Digital marketing is complex – especially in the wine & spirits industry with the three-tier system.

  • Strategies vary and change depending on the brand and the goals of the brand, but the message must remain consistent across all types of platforms.

  • Messaging should be tied back to localization and personalization of the consumer, while also staying on top of trends.

  • Digital marketing allows for a brand to have the power to get their message in front of the consumer at more relevant time than used to be possible with print media.

  • Email marketing is still a valuable tool to engage with consumers. Email can be used for more personalized and exclusive messaging while social media is used to reach a wider audience.

  • Influencer marketing is another avenue of the social media and digital marketing industry that is growing rapidly.

  • Responsibility is (and must always be) at the forefront of all digital marketing efforts. Age-verification is essential, but not all platforms can guarantee age verification for their users.

  • E-commerce of wine and spirits is getting bigger – and it’s here to stay. Local Licensed delivery is the most compliant method for consumers to get product delivered or shipped.

  • So, how does a brand sustain success and stay relevant? Brands MUST continue to enhance the relationship with consumers, mind consumer insights to stay relevant – and adapt as they change, ensure they are delivering on consumer needs, continue to identify what makes the product unique, and have consumers try the product! This is still the most important aspect of growing a wine and spirits brand.

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