American Mothers Know the Three-Tier System Works

Oct 19, 2022


Despite geographical, cultural and partisan differences, American mothers agree the three-tier system works. In a new survey from the WSWA Educational Foundation in partnership with Morning Consult, moms across the country were three-times more likely to say that the current three-tier system is working well than not, with two-thirds (68%) of moms agreeing that their state is regulating alcohol production and sales ‘about right.’


A strong majority, 78% of moms recognized the importance of America’s wine and spirits distributors. Distributors maintain transparency, provide a clear chain of custody allowing products to be quickly recalled if needed, and leave no opportunity for counterfeit products to enter the marketplace. These results show moms know the three-tier system is essential to keeping a safe and strong alcohol market in the United States.


The three-tier system of alcohol distribution and regulation in the United States – made up of licensed distillers and vintners, family-owned wholesalers, and licensed retailers – provides a system that guarantees a level playing field for new products entering the market, keeps alcohol out of the hands of minors, ensures no opportunity for counterfeit product to enter the market, and collects taxes fairly.


Moms Know the Three-Tier System Prevents Underage Access to Alcohol

Nearly all mothers surveyed consider drunk driving (94%) and underage access (91%) prevention to be important issues for lawmakers to consider when making sweeping decisions on alcohol laws and regulations, with 73%+ considering both issues to be ‘extremely important’. The three-tier system allows consumers to purchase alcohol only through local, licensed retailers that are invested in their communities and trained to reduce underage access through compliant ID checks. Surveyed moms agreed that ID checks for direct to consumer (DTC) shipments of alcohol are less effective than ID checks in stores. By loosening regulations preventing dangerous e-commerce DTC alcohol shipments, lawmakers will erode the effective and safe three-tier system and allow alcohol to make its way into the hands of minors.


American moms know the three-tier system keeps children safe and prevents bad actors from entering the marketplace. DTC shipments of alcohol dismantle the highly effective three-tier system and create new dangers for consumers in the United States.