Roxanne Bernal

1. Tell us a little about your career path. What was significant?

My career in the wholesale industry started 32 years ago in administration. I have had the opportunity to expand my career path into many different areas of the industry - including office management, warehouse distribution and operations management. My diverse experience has allowed me to have a broad understanding of our business - from the back of the house to the front - and why each area is critical to our overall success.


2. What drew you to this industry originally? How do you think the industry will evolve?

I was originally attracted to this industry because it's dynamic and diverse. I have not been disappointed. There are many opportunities to grow within this industry. Listen, learn, be willing to adapt and take advantage of the opportunities available to you. Our industry is evolving quickly through technology. Technology is providing our businesses with opportunities to improve efficiencies in operations and sales.


3. What skills are most important in this industry and why?

Educate yourself on all aspects of the industry. Once you have a clear understanding of how the system works, your business life will progress much easier. Remain open to change and adapt, that's how this industry advances and so will you. Be communicative, resourceful and be a positive influence on team members and associates.


4. What advice would you give to a young professional entering the industry?

Have the ability to accept change and keep an open mind. Embrace changes positively, accept new opportunities willingly and continue your education. This industry is fast-paced and requires an all hands on deck approach to be successful. Be diverse and supportive as a leader, within a team or as an individual. Most importantly - be passionate in what you do. It may mean long hours, but the benefits are rewarding.


5. What challenges do you face as a woman in this industry?

This is always an interesting question for me. To me, it is not someone's gender that is significant, it's what assets an individual brings to the team. Focus on being yourself, be respectful to the team, and do your part to portray your strengths positively. Be confident in yourself and your subject matter. Stand up when appropriate and show the team what an asset a person who happens to be a woman can be.


6. What is your favorite part of your job?

The diversity of my responsibilities. The warehouse is just as important as the office and the individuals who keep it all running efficiently!


7. What inspires you?

It would surprise people to know I love working on DIY projects with the team! Enhancing our work areas is important, and keeps things fresh and interesting. This industry has so many exciting products. It's important to share the excitement with our team members by displaying and learning about those products! We re-purpose all kinds of things.


8. What colleague, past or present, do you consider a mentor? How did they shape you as a future leader?

I have had the great opportunity to work for and with many mentors in my career with RNDC. Many individuals have shared direction, information and advice to enhance who I am today. David Ritch (retired RNDC Corporate Operations Team) was one mentor in particular who believed in me early on in my career and has remained supportive of my endeavors to this day. That in itself was significant, but David also encouraged, challenged, and pushed me to grow. David saw only the possibilities and set no limitations on my future. Thanks to that support, I have not turned back and I continue to embrace the challenges set before me.



"I've worked with Roxanne for many years now and she is a fantastic colleague. As with any work environment, you always have 'go to' leaders that you can count on to get things done and get them done correctly - Roxanne has always been one of those people. She is a pillar within our team, fantastic at her job in operations, and excels in her ability to work hand-in-hand with the sales team. Roxanne really is amazing at getting everyone aligned towards one goal."

Josh Zeller, Director of Operations, Republic National Distributing Company