WSWA President and CEO Michelle Korsmo Issued the Following Statement On COVID-19

Mar 18, 2020
Washington, D.C.


WASHINGTON, D.C., 03/18/2020 – America’s wine and spirits wholesalers are keeping the trucks on time and retailers supplied when it matters most. Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) will continue to work closely with Member companies and be a resource as they navigate a very difficult time for the industry. We will continue to propose and share best practices that benefit not just wholesalers, but the entire alcohol industry. We will continue to work closely with regulators at the federal and state level to develop plans that ensure operations continue, supply lines remain unencumbered, and the marketplace with some modifications at the state and local level enable retailers to remain open for business.


We are actively engaged at the federal level with TTB, Congress and regulators in an effort to keep lines of communications open and better advocate for an industry that is more interconnected than ever before. At the state and local level, our advocacy teams are working side-by-side with wholesalers to offer creative solutions that will keep retailers supplied, and ways for consumers to purchase product while maintaining the high-standards of public health and safety. Compliant delivery services such as Drizly and others will provide consumers with necessary convenience. Where modifications are occurring at the state and local level retailers will be able to facilitate delivery and “pick up” sales. Verifying age to keep teens from being served, maintaining product integrity to keep counterfeits out of the market, and ensuring compliance with state and federal laws is paramount.

In a crisis, unintended consequences are major concern for industries and private citizens alike. We implore all Governors to keep wine and spirits retailers open as to not encourage bad actors to pop-up black market liquor operations.


We commend wholesalers nationwide for taking preventive measures to keep offices and warehouses clean, and for maintaining a healthy environment. We are proud of the corporate and warehouse teams for working together to keep operations going while exercising smart guidelines to remaining both hygienic and productive. And to the truck drivers tirelessly working to keep retailers supplied while navigating our nation’s highways and roads safely, we salute you. America’s wine and spirits wholesalers remain committed to deliver when it counts most.


Editor's Note: A previous version of this map indicated Florida had implemented state-wide dine-in restrictions. As of Thursday, March 19, 2020 Florida had closed all bars and nightclubs but did not implement a dine-in ban for restaurants. 


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