WSWA Issues Statement on Introduction of the Cannabis Opportunity and Administration Act

Jul 25, 2022
Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C., 07/25/2022 – WSWA is pleased that the newly introduced Cannabis Opportunity and Administration (CAOA) Act incorporates many of the policy principles that have helped foster the most diverse, safe, transparent, and successful alcohol marketplace in the world. As independent distributors of legal, socially sensitive product for the past 90-years, America’s family-owned wine and spirits wholesalers understand the importance of promoting states’ rights, the federal permitting of industry businesses, the approval and regulation of consumer products, effective trade practice requirements and enforcement, and critical measures to ensure public and highway safety. 


WSWA strongly believes that any cannabis legalization effort in Congress should be coupled with a robust and comprehensive federal regulatory structure that draws on long-established, successful federal laws and policies governing the U.S. alcohol industry.


WSWA supports the revisions made to the bill by the sponsoring offices to phase-in a potency-based tax after five years for cannabis products that are an extract, concentration, or other derivative, more closely resembling alcohol federal excise taxes. This is an important change to promote both product integrity and responsible consumption. 


WSWA thanks Senators Schumer, Wyden, and Booker as well as their staffs for their hard work in crafting this long-awaited legislation. We look forward to continuing to work with them and others in ensuring that a strong regulatory structure is in place upon eventual legalization and that the alcohol regulatory framework continues to serve as the model of responsible distribution and retail practices.


For more information about WSWA’s Principles for The Federal Oversight of the Adult-Use Cannabis Supply Chain visit: