WSWA Announces 2024 Wholesaler Movers & Shakers to be Celebrated at Access LIVE

Jan 26, 2024


WASHINGTON, D.C., 01/26/2023 – Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) today announced five Wholesaler Movers & Shakers to be celebrated at Access LIVE in Vegas. WSWA’s Wholesaler Movers & Shakers Awards are presented to ambitious and driven rising leaders within the wholesaler tier who exhibit integrity and work ethic while making a positive and redefining impact on wholesalers and the beverage alcohol industry at large.


“These Movers and Shakers are the bright future of the wholesale tier,” said WSWA President and CEO Francis Creighton. “They’re doing great work for their companies, and creating value for their supplier and retailer partners, so it’s easy for industry professionals to join me in celebrating their accomplishments and future achievements.”


WSWA’s 2024 Wholesaler Movers & Shakers:

  • Cristina Desmond , Regional Vice President, Central U.S., Breakthru Beverage Group
  • Shani Gregory, Purchasing Manager, Shipping, Classique Wines
  • Katie Sauer, Vice President and Co-Founder, Momentum Beverage Team
  • Phil Sobel, Senior Vice President of Sales, Allied Beverage Group
  • Kirk Wolthouse, Vice President, Fedway


“Cristina is incredibly deserving of this distinction as she’s a naturally gifted servant leader who’s wholeheartedly committed to the ongoing growth and development of her team members; inspiring and empowering them to be their best and perform at a high level,” said Julian Burzynski, Chief Operating Officer, Breakthru Beverage Group. “Cristina consistently brings out the best in those around her while driving growth and outstanding business results, that’s a powerful combination. Her growth mindset, drive, accountability, collaborative spirit, and her passion for our industry and the people in it, are just a few of the traits that qualify her for a ‘mover & shaker’ designation and make her a tremendous asset to Breakthru, our partners, and importantly, those that she leads.” 


“We are a very small distributor in MO. During the pandemic, Shani did her very BEST to keep products (especially non-domestic) in stock very continuously with the least amount of cost. She is constantly investigating logistics so we can stay as price conscious on the end with margins. She is engaging with the entire staff and is very aware of our stock needs that change very seasonally in our industry. Bottom line, she is a HUGE asset and deserves to be recognized outside of our company for making small businesses like ours succeed. I am proud of her every day!” said President & Owner of Classique Wine & Spirits Summer Endraske.


“Katie is an "A" player that I wish my grandfather, Buddy Romano, was able to work with, as he would have been so impressed!” said Michael Klauer, CEO and President, Momentum Beverage. “Katie defines some of the many attributes we see in some of our best leaders - Leaders Emerge and Great Players Adjust. Katie handles adversity head-on and is constantly looking at developing and growing win-win relationships with our customers, employees, and suppliers. I am so proud of the businessperson she has become and can't wait to see what the coming years have in store.”


“Phil's remarkable enthusiasm, brimming optimism, and unparalleled intensity makes him a standout leader,” said Corey Bronstein, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Allied Beverage Group. “Beyond his professional acumen, Phil's innate integrity sets him apart as a truly exceptional person. All of us at Allied Beverage Group find it a privilege to work with such a committed individual! In the short time since his recent promotion to Senior Vice President of Sales, Phil has taken on a vast number of new projects and responsibilities and is quickly satisfying the needs of our Suppliers, Retailers, and our in-house Stakeholders. Phil is a true leader, and this award only proves it further. Congratulations Phil on this outstanding recognition!”


“Congratulations to Kirk on his very well-deserved recognition as a WSWA Mover & Shaker!” said President of Fedway, John Devin. “Kirk’s strategic vision and creativity have been instrumental in Fedway’s best in class technical proficiencies, Ecommerce platform and digital marketing capabilities. We are so proud of Kirk’s many accomplishments and privileged to have him as such a huge contributor to the Fedway Family.”