Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America Statement on the Passing of TTB Administrator John Manfreda

May 28, 2019
“Members of Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) nationwide extend heartfelt thoughts and condolences to the family of John Manfreda, a great man who passed away so suddenly. His leadership, friendship and professionalism has been and will always be valued. His service to the industry and to our great nation was positive, valued and continues to empower a well-regulated marketplace that focuses on the consumer. He will be missed, but never forgotten.”

WSWA President and CEO, Michelle Korsmo


“We met with Administrator Manfreda just two weeks ago and like all interactions with him, left the meeting thinking how thankful we are for his thoughtful leadership and advocacy for a well-functioning beverage alcohol market. I will always remember his candidness, consideration and good humor. He will be sorely missed, and leaves a legacy that has contributed to the global standard of industry regulation.”


Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, Dawson Hobbs


“The role Administrator Manfreda played in leading TTB since its creation can’t be overstated. His legacy is a TTB that works with the industry it regulates to achieve its mission, and operates in a clear, efficient and transparent manner. I always enjoyed his warm welcome and genuine smile, and will personally miss working with him. I know other TTB employees and industry members will as well.”