Sunny with a Chance of Flowers Named Winner of WSWA’s Brand Battle’s Low- & No-Alcohol Category

Jul 27, 2021
Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., 07/27/2021 – WSWA is pleased to announce that Sunny with a Chance of Flowers was named the category winner for the Low- & No-Alcohol category of the 2021 virtual Brand Battle. Sunny Wines, produced by Scheid Family Wines, targets consumers wanting to drink wine while living a healthy and optimistic lifestyle. The wines have zero sugar, 85-calories per glass and are low-alcohol.


During the live competition, the audience voted on the People’s Choice Winner, crowning Spiritless with the award. Spiritless is a non-alcoholic spirit crafted for everyone to complement bourbon cocktails.


Low- and no-alcohol has become an exciting and rapidly growing category in the U.S. marketplace and was well represented by the five Brand Battle contenders. As consumers explore new brands that better fit their lifestyles and alcohol preferences, these healthy conscience lifestyle products will continue to evolve offerings and expand reach.


While the competition was fierce, the Sunny brand wowed the judges with its focus on sustainability, its detailed marketing campaigns, a vibrant social media presence and the overall taste and quality of the wine, proving they have what it takes to make it in the uber-competitive U.S. marketplace.


“We know how to make great wine…But making a low alcohol wine is an entirely different proposition because you're taking out two things that are really important to making wine taste great: Alcohol and sugar,” said Heidi Scheid, Executive Vice President, Scheid Family Wines, after the competition. “To take that away from your winemaking toolbox creates a big challenge, so the fact that the judges said that our wine was delicious…just made my heart sing. And that's really a testament to our growers and to our winemaking team.”


Brand Battle continues next Tuesday, August 3, with the Whiskey & Bourbon category, and wraps category sessions on Tuesday, August 10 with Cordial, Liqueur and After-Dinner Drink.


On September 14, all category winners from every category will compete to be named the Brand Battle Champion. Register for all remaining competitions here.


About 2021 WSWA Brand Battle Tournament

WSWA will be holding the 2021 Brand Battle Tournament virtually and has extended the event series for craft, start-up and small production wine and spirits into a bracketology-style tournament. Brand Battle will showcase rising brands with unique stories, packaging and flavor profiles in an engaging digital environment while panels of wholesaler judges provide valuable, thought-provoking insight and feedback to competitors across eight different product categories. Whether you are interested in competing or viewing the competition, you are sure to walk away with greater knowledge of the industry and see hot emerging trends and products.


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