Q&A With the 2024 Brand Battle Innovation Category Finalist

Brand Battle Innovation 2024
Jan 22, 2024
Washington, D.C.

Roots Divino was the Innovation category winner of WSWA’s 2024 Brand Battle. Roots Divino are Non Alcoholic Vermouths, based on age-old herbal remedies, a family tradition going back to 1850 and the 100% native ingredients of Greece.


Below is a Q&A with Roots Divino, that will represent the innovation category live, on-stage in the 2024 Brand Battle Championship at Access LIVE.


Tell us about your brand. What was the inspiration to start this endeavor?

In 2013, inspired by our family roots in the oldest distillery in Greece since 1850, we created a new family of premium liqueurs: ROOTS. We had diverse backgrounds, career paths, and locations, but we both pivoted to unite over a common vision: to launch our very own spirits (and non-alc later on) brand. We made a family start-up craft brand inspired by our family legacy. Once we launched our alcoholic liqueurs and spirits, we soon decided to innovate, differentiate, and explore tradition in a different way. We went back to the roots of ancient herbal remedies and created ROOTS DIVINO, the first nonalcoholic vermouths. We aspire to offer this experience to a wider audience, who can enjoy our drinks during anytime of day, liberated by the restrictions of consuming alcohol, such as safety, health, well-being, age, etc.

What are your growth goals?

We would like to establish Roots Divino non alcoholic vermouths as the go to non alcoholic premium vermouth in the on premise in the US. When customers want to turn to a non alcoholic negroni, or a non alcoholic martini, or just a non alcoholic craft cocktail then Roots Divino is a unique tool for the bartender.


Successful distribution partnerships are key to brand building success. What can distributors expect when working with you and your brand?

We are coming from the cocktail world, as our craft liqueurs range is on the menus of some of the best cocktail bars in Greece and Europe. We believe that spirits brands are built on the trade. As such, we work closely with bartenders and cocktail bars. We plan non alcoholic competitions, trips to Greece and the Athens Bar Show and other activations that are valuable in building a brand from the bottom up.


Consumer connections are key. What sets you apart from other brands? Why will consumers connect with your brand?

Consumers don't only need quality or packaging. Today they also need a great story behind, but also the terroir of the ingredients, and a reason to drink. We believe we have all these to the maximum. A great story with heritage from Greece dating back generations, 2 brothers going back to their roots, natural ingredients from the Aegean Sea and the mediterranean, a great bottle, an even better non alcoholic vermouth and an even better reason to drink: Craft premium cocktails without alcohol.


How was your Brand Battle experience so far? What feedback from the judges resounded with you and will it have an impact on your business going forward?

It was very challenging and inspiring. All the judges were very knowledgeable and the panel was exceptional. Looking forward to interact with them more and meet in person. The feedback regarding the uses of a non alcoholic vermouth was also what we had in mind. Luckily we had the answer: Good bartenders know what a vermouth is and what to do with it.


What are you looking forward to in the Championship or at Access LIVE overall?

For us, coming all the way from Athens, Greece, it will be an amazing experience to present our story and our products in Las Vegas Live at the auditorium. We are just thrilled to have the opportunity to be there !


Learn more about Roots Divino on Instagram at @finest_roots or visit their website backtotherootsproject.com.