Project Twenty-One Takes Action to Oppose Shipping of Alcohol Through New USPS Legislation

Project Twenty-One
Jul 19, 2022


This week, Project Twenty-One launched a new campaign to educate Members of Congress about the dangers of direct-to-consumer shipping of alcohol and its potential to dismantle the safest, most diverse and well-regulated beverage-alochol marketplace in the world.


Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA-14) is currently attempting to add co-sponsors to her stand-alone legislation that, if passed, will allow the USPS to ship alcohol directly to consumers. 


The Ask: The new campaign asks wholesalers across 15 key states to use their voice and ask their Members of Congress to oppose H.R. 3287 and its counterpart in the Senate, S. 1663, the Postal Shipping Equity Act. Project Twenty-One is working in the following states to activate the membership: CO, WA, OR, CA, ME, MA, NY, PA, DE, VA, NC, TX, MI, IL and OH


If you are a resident of these states,


Why Now? It is vital to halt the momentum of support for this legislation so that it isn’t included in any end of year legislative package. We also need to ensure that the legislation doesn’t have broad support as the next Congress begins. 


Why It Matters: Allowing the USPS to ship alcohol would create a new path for bad actors to circumvent distributors and retailers through direct shipment to consumers from producers and retailers.  This would undermine the state-based regulated three tier system for alcohol and compromise public health and safety priorities that benefit consumers.


Making An Impact! Earlier this year, over 6,000 WSWA wholesale employees across the country wrote to their Members of Congress expressing opposition to language allowing the shipping of alcohol through USPS in the United States Postal Service Reform Bill and it worked!