Project Twenty-One Fights Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Legislation in California

Jan 05, 2022
California Residents Take Action to Fight for Safe, Responsible Alcohol Legislation

On Tuesday, January 11, 2022, the California Senate Governmental Organization Committee will vote on California Senate Bill 620 which would allow for the direct-to-consumer shipping of distilled spirits into California. 


Last year all 18 DTC bills brought to a vote in state legislatures across the country failed to pass because legislators recognized the negative impact DTC spirits shipping has on family-owned wine and spirits wholesalers, local retailers, the great potential for lost tax revenue that funds key community programs, and the health and safety concerns surrounding the doorstep delivery of intoxicating substances that could lead to underage access and general abuse.


Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) grassroots initiative Project Twenty-One launched its first campaign at the state level today to fight against SB 620 and the adverse impact DTC legislation will bring to Californians, specifically:


  • Increased underage access;
  • Increased access to counterfeit/illicit product;
  • Loss of state tax revenue – California currently receives 7.2 billion in tax revenue from the wine and spirits industry;
  • Loss of local high quality, well-paying jobs – In California, wine and spirits wholesalers make up over 10,300 jobs, generating approximately 800 million in wages;
  • Loss of revenue to local businesses – every bottle of distilled spirits shipped directly to consumers is a sale taken from a local, California business to benefit mostly large, out-of-state corporations; and
  • Loss of investment and involvement from California businesses and employees.


California residents can now get involved, have their voices heard, and fight for safe and responsible alcohol regulation by joining Project Twenty-One and using the platform to write to their local state representatives. In as little as eight seconds, advocates can send all 15 members of the CA Senate GO Committee to oppose DTC and demand safer, more responsible regulations.


If you are a California resident,