Hub Activations Boost Brands at Access LIVE

Jan 31, 2024
Building Industry Knowledge and Marketing Might for Attendees


This marked the second year for The Hub, an innovative brand-building workshop provided as a service to suppliers and distributors attending Access LIVE in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Hub was created to help beverage alcohol companies build and develop their brands with actionable business intel and quality marketing content. Our wholesale advisors coached dozens of companies on business development topics to help them drive their brands forward.


The Hub has become an integral element of the Access LIVE exhibit hall. Over the last two days, we conducted seven hours of mixology workshops, facilitated dozens of sessions between suppliers and wholesaler advisers, and delivered free product shots (video and still photos) for over 200 brands combined.


Brand Building Bar


Attendees booked sessions with experienced wholesale executives for one-on-one coaching on a variety of topics designed to enhance their business acumen. At no cost to the participants, the 20-minute sessions allowed them to get candid and personalized advice on such topics as sales etiquette, digital media strategies, opening new markets, bottle design and everybody's favorite: elevator pitches. WSWA facilitated more than 50 sessions during Access LIVE.


Mixology Workshops


Expert mixologists conducted hands-on demonstrations, elevating their technical expertise for attendees. One session, conducted by “The Modern Mixologist” Tony Abou-Ganim, taught attendees how to taste like a spirits judge, providing tips on conducting tastings for their own products. Another session, with the content creation team behind Beautiful Booze, showed participants how to give their concoctions “scroll-stopping” aesthetic appeal. Access LIVE featured more than seven hours of mixology content.


Content Lab


Getting great photo and video of bottles can be tricky, but not when you have experts on hand. The Hub featured “bottle studios” with a team of photographers and videographers to take professional-quality product content for show attendees. WSWA partner Pour Agency took hours of quality video content which brand owners can use in their advertising and social media. Over 200 brands participated this year, walking away with hundreds of invaluable stills and sizzles.


“We're thrilled to be a value-add for our vendors and attendees, helping both young and established brands innovate and develop within their product space,” said Emily Magram, WSWA’s Director of Marketing. “We’re looking forward to next year’s Hub in Denver, where we hope to help more brands up their marketing game and build their business!"