Data and Analytics Enhancements Make SipSource the Most Complete Data Set Ever Compiled in the U.S. Beverage Alcohol Marketplace

May 09, 2023
Washington, D.C.
New custom reports allow subscribers to answer specific questions critical to their business quicker and more accurately than anything else on the market

WASHINGTON, D.C., 05/09/2023 — Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA)’s SipSource today announced the release of March 2023 data powered by newly integrated enhancements that take the beverage alcohol industry’s only data source based on aggregated distributor depletion data to another level. The latest verified data release signals the most complete\industry data set ever compiled, with 17 wholesalers representing more than 60% of the U.S. alcohol market by volume. In addition to new data enhancements, March data features customized reporting that narrows the breadth of the industry and enables suppliers and distributors to work closely on data-driven decisions unique to their business teams and divisions.


“Our top priority is creating a data set that provides subscribers with the best possible comparables for trend analysis and business intelligence,” said SipSource Analyst and industry veteran Dale Stratton. “We can now break down wine analysis by region, subregion, and nearly 200 appellations — and that’s just the start of the enhancements subscribers can expect in 2023.”


Over the past month, WSWA’s SipSource added several enhancements to its data set including a more robust pool of contributors, wine regions, and state-specific data. New wholesaler contributors include Eder Brothers, Inc., Allied Beverage Group (NJ), Imperial Beverage and Opici Family Distributing (CT), enabling subscribers to analyze state-specific data for wine in eleven states (AZ, CO, CT, FL, KY, MD, MI, NJ, OR, SC, VA) and spirits in eight states (AZ, CO, CT, FL, KY, NJ, SC, WA) plus Washington, D.C. March 2023 wine data can be further broken down within 11 regions, 38 subregions and 190 appellations.


These enhancements are already providing analysts with a clearer picture of trends, particularly in the disrupted and challenging on-premise. Prior to these enhancements, subscribers could analyze the table wine category and identify a +3.6% on-premise growth for the 12 months ending March 2023, but new regional data gives a clearer picture as to regions driving growth — Santa Barbara County (+20.5%), Bordeaux (+11.6%), San Luis Obispo (+7.2%), ) and Provence (+4.8%).

Custom reports for subscribers quickly and accurately enable wholesaler and supplier data teams to answer specific questions that were previously unanswerable, yet critical to supporting the evolution of tiers working together to maximize partnerships by narrowing the breadth of an evolving wine and spirits marketplace. For industry analysts, these reports give insights never before realized and critical to planning during times of incomparable fluidity.


“The ability to analyze the business by channel (on- vs. off-premise) and all sub-channels across the entire three-tier landscape is invaluable in understanding trends and opportunities,” said Sipsource Analyst Danny Brager. “Additionally, the ability to aggregate brands to a relevant competitive set for individual suppliers, along with a 'customized' set of states specific to suppliers as part of the new custom reporting capability are further benefits of SipSource.”


Additional expected enhancements to WSWA’s SipSource in 2023 include new custom reporting features, the addition of data from control states through the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (NABCA), trend analysis of flavored spirits by category, additional price tier analysis and revenue reporting. SipSource will also roll out user-focused boot camps with technology partner VIP to increase data literacy and use by wine and spirits industry professionals.


About WSWA’s SipSource 

SipSource is the only source for wine and spirits trends and share based on aggregated distributor depletion data (sales to retailers). The data set is built from single products sold to individual retail locations and includes hundreds of thousands of outlets. This allows for unrivaled channel segmentation and insights covering the largest number of products and retail outlets of any wine and spirits data set available. Subscribers can see comprehensive channel and sub-channel reporting including trends in dining versus bars and nightclubs. SipSource also reports trends by product segment, price tier, U.S. Census divisions, a variety of states, wine varietals, product size and type.