New Business Principles and Practices for A Post-COVID Marketplace 

A lot has changed in the wine and spirits industry over the last two years – including how brands should engage with distributor and retail partners. Learn from a panel of experts on how best to prioritize and deploy your marketing and sales assets, on the ground sales teams, and digital development teams in a post-COVID-19 marketplace. From promotional material and pricing sheets to new tasting protocols, focused sales efforts and SipSource analysis, our experts are here to tell you what’s needed to build a brand and business portfolio. Recorded on April 27, 2022.


John Bilello

John Bilello


Sweet Amber Distilling Co.



Sara Harmelin

Vice President, Digital Innovation

Allied Beverage Group

Monique Huston

Monique Huston

Vice President, Spirits Portfolio


Dale Stratton

Dale Stratton





  • According to SipSource data, while on-premise continues to recover, it’s share of depletions remains about 85% of pre-pandemic levels for wine and spirits combined.

  • SipSource data also shows that Tequila and Prosecco are two segments that remained consistently strong over the last two years.

  • Tangible assets still have value but digital assets make all the difference - and most are low cost.

  • QR codes are back in a big way! Don't overlook social media!

  • In-person meetings are coming back. Take advantage of tastings (indoors or outdoors), ride-alongs with wholesalers, meetings with bartenders, chefs, menu creators. The in-person allows you to educate and bring brand and category awareness directly.

  • If your resources (human and financial) are limited, you have to use your personal circle as your brand ambassadors. Build relationships with wholesalers and retailers. Withhold from expanding your geographical footprint too quickly without having those relationships.

  • Be appreciative of those who have supported you during the past two years. Growth will come as you build relationships.



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