WSWA Councils

WSWA engages its members through board-led committees, appointee-driven task forces, and volunteer-comprised councils. It’s how we exchange information, gain knowledge, and harness the intellectual capital needed to guide our policy direction and efforts. It’s our intent that the output of these groups can be taken for consideration and action in an effort to ultimately improve wholesaler businesses. To volunteer for one or more councils please complete the fields on this page.

  • Technology  has  changed  the  way  all  of  us  communicate,  learn,  and  purchase –and  has  brought innovation  to  our  industry  in  the  way  consumers  purchase  alcohol.  There  are  opportunities  for conducting business in innovative ways that bring product choice and convenience safely to American consumers. This council will ensure WSWA’s member companies are educated on how e-commerce is transforming and discuss how to best utilize these technological advancements to continue the success of their businesses and industry.
  • Operations
    • E-commerce Council will convene by video/phone conference at least quarterly.
    • WSWA staff will run a list serve to facilitate the ongoing sharing of ideas and will send a quarterly update to the group.


  • The Federal Affairs Council provides direction and strategic guidance on federal issues related to the wholesale tier of the U.S. beverage alcohol industry, including: the three-tier system, LIFO preservation, pass through entity taxation, TTB funding, postal reform, impaired driving and all other federal issues relating to WSWA member companies.
  • Operations
    • Regular phone calls and/or video conference
    • In-Person Meetings at WSWA Conferences
    • Provide policy recommendations to the Government Affairs Committee
  • Liaison: Dawson Hobbs, Executive Vice President, Government Affairs


  • Embracing and investing in the digitization of distribution through robotics, effective use of data, and the industrial “Internet of Things” can help improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and allow WSWA member companies to be more productive without cutting jobs. This council will ensure member companies are educated on new technological advancements and industry best practices in warehouse logistics, enterprise resource planning systems, business intelligence, supply chain management, cyber security and privacy, energy savings and sustainability, and other areas to overcome day-to-day logistical challenges and further the success and dynamism of their businesses.
  • Operations
    • The council will meet regularly via conference call and meet in person once a year during Convention or the Fall Membership Meeting.
    • Each council member will be responsible for sharing knowledge of key challenges and best practices to help advance operations and IT development.


  • The Communications Council exists as a forum for WSWA wholesaler member company employees and WSWA staff members to share information, ideas, and best practice policies as they relate to social responsibility programs and public relations surrounding wholesalers and the three-tier system.
  • Operations
    • The knowledge council will meet quarterly by video conference/phone call.
    • The expectation of members in this council is to share information on their company’s general communications and marketing initiatives and best practices so WSWA staff can a) identify ways to help member companies be more successful; and b) identify ways to promote wholesalers and the three-tier system to WSWA audiences.
  • Liaison: Michael Bilello, Executive Vice President, Strategic Communications and Marketing


  • To provide updates regarding important legislation, regulation, and litigation around the country that would impact wholesale member companies.
  • Operations
    • Regular phone calls and/or video conference
    • In-person meetings at WSWA conferences
    • Ad hoc discussions
    • Make policy recommendations to the Board and/or Executive Committee
  • Liaison: Chelsea Crucitti, Vice President, State Affairs


  • The Talent Development and  Diversity  Council is  comprised  of leaders,  HR, and  other  diversity professionals across the wholesaler member organizations to understand the talent challenges, help develop talent development tools, and to be both a resource and an advocate for the value of diversity and  inclusion to assist  companies attract  new  talent  and maximize  the  talents  and  skills  of  current employees.
  • Operations
    • The  council  will  meet  via conference  call four  times  a  year  and  meet  in  person  once  a  year  during Convention or the Fall Membership Meeting. Each committee member will be responsible for sharing knowledge of key challenges and/or best practices that help advance talent development and diversity. Council members will also be responsible for communicating resources  developed  by  the  council  or WSWA back to their leadership and to their organization.
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