Anatomy of an Import: Product Journey, Buying Habits, and Business Challenges in 2021

This program took viewers through the life cycle of an imported product – from grape to glass. It revealed the often opaque journey an import goes through before it reaches a port. Attendees learned how international supply chain disruptions have impacted the product journey, and why today’s market dynamics make a buyer’s decision more challenging than ever. Panelists offered perspectives on best practices, data insights, and lessons learned in an uncertain year. Viewers walked away with knowledge on how to reach predictable outcomes from unpredictable channels. Recorded on Wednesday, May 20.


Jennifer Engel

Jennifer Engel

WLC Advisory Board Member

SVP National Accounts, On-Premise


Dina Opici

Dina Opici

WLC Advisory Board Member


Opici Family Distributing


Sonia Davenport

Sonia Davenport

Director of Consumer Insights


Allison Leavitt

Allison Leavitt

Managing Director

Wine and Spirits Shippers Association Inc.

Cristina Marinai-May

Cristina Mariani-May


Castello Banfi




  • Plan for longer lead time in purchasing - 90 days for domestics and 120 for imports.

  • Anticipate pricing to reflect sustained increased transportation costs.

  • More surcharges are being put in place for June 2021. You should anticipate another 10-20% on top of the 30-40% you have already added to your freight costs, with highest surcharges for Europe to USA and New Zealand to USA.

  • Expect some schedule improvements in the summer based on calm weather, more port labor from COVID restrictions easing, and new containers gradually being delivered.



  • Stronger communication with supplier partners and shipping companies regarding product timeline is key.

  • Discuss the lead times with import suppliers for dry goods, production times, growing/aging regulations.



  • Educating retail partners about ongoing challenges is key. Everything from hurdles and lag time of products arriving in the market due to consolidation of shipping vessels, container shortage, increased delays at the ports due to labor shortage as well as driver shortage.

  • When presenting to buyers, the most recent trends may not reflect true consumer demand.

    • Consumers will always branch out when additional options are provided

    • Current availability is impacting selection for buyers and consumers



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