December 1933

21st Amendment Ratified, Prohibition Ended


December 5, 2017 marks 84 years since the United States ratified the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and paved the way for the modern three-tier beverage alcohol system.

Federal Key Issue - Ignition Interlocks

While there have been significant decreases in the number of alcohol-related accidents, fatalities and injuries in the past twenty years, WSWA remains steadfast in its commitment to fighting drunk driving. Ignition interlocks are an important new technology that will help combat drunk driving.

WSWA supports legislation that requires an ignition interlock on any vehicle of any person convicted of a repeat DUI offense or any first time offender whose blood alcohol content (BAC) was over .15. Interlocks need to be part of a comprehensive anti-DUI strategy. There is no silver bullet to solving the problem of drunk driving. This policy ensures that interlocks are mandated for those who pose the greatest threat to public safety.